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Movies & TV shows for the Latin American Market?

We are specialists in audio and video production. Our staff has extensive experience in working with the latest technology for editing, subtitling and overdubbing in any format your final work is in. Either in Betacam SP, Betacam SX, DVCPro, DV, sVHS, even Umatic 3/4", or film, we are the most trustworthy company for the subtitling of your movie for the Latin American market.

Our audio and video equipment includes:

  • Avid Non Linear Editors
  • Deko Subtitler
  • Digidesign ProTools
  • Format converters

We have at our disposal all kind of sources for audio and video. There is not any problem with the format you are working with. Regarding audio and overdubbing, our recording studios are among the best in Latin America, and the Peruvian accent for movies is considered the most neutral in all the Spanish-speaking countries.

You may send us the script along with the movie itself, but it is not mandatory, although it helps, of course. To translate a movie, without a script, we work with native speakers of the source language, and then we translate the text with native speakers of the target language.

Trust us. When we subtitle a movie, you will never find any of the common mistakes you find when you trust your work to inexperienced companies.

Contact us using our contact form by clicking here.

You will not regret it.